• Workshops

    We Speak runs workshops for schools, universities and organisations to help improve speaking confidence. We also have a specialism in training Student Ambassadors.


    In a workshop with a University of East London Summer School, 55% of participants found the We Speak half day session the most valuable part of the 3 day programme. The students said the workshop helped them overcome their fear of speaking in front of groups and reduced associated negative thoughts.


    At Queen Mary University of London, 100% of the participants in a workshop felt they had improved their speaking confidence as a result of the workshop.

  • Workshop options

    All our workshops focus on increasing speaking confidence and speaking naturally

    We Speak Workshop - Introduction

    1. Introduction to speaking confidence

    An introductory workshop designed for participants who feel less comfortable speaking in front of groups. Fun exercises in a supportive and positive environment help build your speaking confidence without the fear of judgement.

    We Speak Workshop - Talk About Yourself

    2. Talk about yourself

    There are so many times when talking about yourself and your interests is important. Participants come out of this workshop with a practical way to express your enthusiasm about what you do, something that is key to life opportunities.

    We Speak Workshop - Find Your Voice

    3. Find your natural voice

    Speaking is so much easier and more authentic when you are talking about something you care about. In this workshop, we help you explore your passions and natural voice, and how to use it.

    We Speak Workshop - Pitch Naturally

    4. Pitch without fear

    A fun introduction to pitching your project or business, whether as an individual or in a group. This workshop takes the fear out of the high pressure scenario of pitching, and also works well for anyone doing an assessed presentation.

    We Speak Workshop - Presentation

    5. Presentation practice run

    You've got a big presentation coming up and want it to go well. This workshop is a chance to prototype your presentation with a small and supportive group who give you feedback on how to improve it.

    We Speak Workshop - Video Speaking

    6. Speaking on video

    This workshop helps you feel more comfortable speaking while having a camera pointed at you, something important in our increasingly digital world.

    We Speak Workshop -  Speaking Confidence

    7. Speaking confidence for Students Ambassadors

    This workshop is especially designed to support Student Ambassadors in their role at universities, whether they have to speak at open days or in front of a group of school pupils. It also improves speaking confidence and employability skills.

  • What has We Speak done for you?

    “You’ve changed the way I see public speaking - not as a problem, rather as a challenge I can face now :)”

    Student, Product Design, Central Saint Martins

    “It was very helpful, made me see things differently”

    Student, Fine Art, Middlesex University

    “It has helped me think about approaching public speaking in any format in a different way. Inspirational.”

    Manager, Media/Marketing industry

    “I hope you do more of these with different communities like women, small business owners, BAME charity workers etc who sometimes don’t participate in very male dominated environments due to a lack of confidence.”

    Senior Community Relations Co-ordinator, GLA

    Before: “I feel so self-conscious. I don’t know how anyone could take the anxiety away.”


    After: “I did the presentation and it couldn’t have gone better. Really really happy! We ended up getting one of the highest scores in our year, very chuffed!”

    Student, Fashion Management, London College of Fashion