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    We Speak Founder and CEO - Laura North

    Laura North

    Founder and CEO

    Laura has a long-standing fear of speaking in front of groups and feels passionately about removing this barrier for others.


    She has been developing speaking confidence with young people and professionals for almost ten years. She was awarded a Fellowship at the University of the Arts London to research how to improve speaking confidence and won a Teaching Award.


    Laura developed We Speak with the support of the School for Social Entrepreneurs and the Teach First Innovation Series, where it was a winner of the Teach First Dragon's Den. We Speak was selected for the Cambridge Social Ventures accelerator at the Cambridge University Judge Business School.


    "I've been terrified of speaking in front of groups for most of my life. I've come on a big personal journey with We Speak. I'm on a mission to remove this barrier, particularly for young people."

    We Speak Training Lead - Patsy Isles

    Patsy Isles

    Training Lead

    Patsy is a media skills trainer and has worked with major corporate companies such such as Metrobank and Thames Water.


    She's also got years of experience delivering speaking confidence workshops in education and to university students across the UK, including Central Saint Martins, London College of Communication, Queen Mary's University, Middlesex University and Plymouth University.


    Patsy works with We Speak to train the Student Facilitators, and delivers workshops for our university and corporate partners.


    She also leads the programme of one-to-one coaching for professionals.

    We Speak Education Coordinator - Juwairiah Mussa

    Juwairiah Mussa

    Education Coordinator

    Juwairiah is a poet and educator. She graduated with an MA in Creative Writing and Education from Goldsmiths, University of London as an Aziz Scholar.


    She is passionate about working with young people and breaking down the barriers that prevent them from having equal opportunities to both education and employment.

    She works with We Speak facilitating and supporting the programme overall. She has led on training other Facilitators and assisted in training corporate mentors, as well as playing an active role in workshop development.


    "I've increased my own confidence whilst working with others. I am witness to the growth of so many students.


    To be able to see them develop throughout the weeks, and reach the end feeling confident and inspired is what I cherish most."

  • Workshop facilitators

    We Speak Lead Facilitator - Carinya


    Lead Facilitator

    Carinya recently graduated with an MA in Creative Writing and Education. She is an educator and a writer.


    "I think speaking confidently is such an important skill in life, the workplace and in building strong, good relationships with others."


    It is something I have struggled with in the past (and still do today), and so I would like to help others on their journey to finding their confidence and their voice."

    We Speak Lead Facilitator - Vashtita


    Lead Facilitator

    Vashtita works for We Speak delivering workshops and programmes to young people, and supporting corporate Mentor training.

    "I have developed a confidence for speaking in front of an audience and it’s something that I also thoroughly enjoy.

    It is an honour to be able to encourage, edify and inspire greatness in people and especially those who lack confidence, just through words."

    We Speak Lead Facilitator - Sydney


    Lead Facilitator

    Sydney is a fashion designer. She completed her degree in Fashion Design at the University of East London, after studying business in Chicago.


    "I enjoy being part of an experience that helps young people to find their authentic voice.


    I understand now that the only reason I ever felt confident being in front of crowds was because I had already found my own voice.”


    We Speak Facilitator - Simon



    Simon has recently graduated in Sports Science at St Marys University Twickenham.


    “My personal goals are in alignment with We Speak. I want to help people fulfil and achieve their true potential.


    I believe the programme We Speak implements to help others is a very effective one, and promotes a positive mindset.”

    We Speak Facilitator - Shereese



    Shereese studies Anthropology at Oxford Brookes University.

    “One of the most beautiful things about being a facilitator is developing a young person's confidence and passions. 
    I have been on the We Speak programme and have experienced how it helps people regain their confidence. 
    I look forward to helping empower young people to do great things.” 
    We Speak Facilitator - Aisha



    Aisha is a recent graduate of Liverpool University, and is studying Law at the University of Law.


    “I recently completed the We Speak programme and it was the best programme I had ever joined in terms of it actually helping with building confidence!


    I'm really pleased to have now joined the team as a Facilitator."


    We Speak Facilitator - Morenike



    Morenike recently graduated from the University of Essex studying English and US Literature.


    “I wanted to work with We Speak because I know it is possible to go from being scared of speaking to being able to find your voice.


    I wanted to be a part of the process and see the potential of student beings unlocked. It is a very rewarding experience!”

    We Speak Facilitator - Niketa



    Niketa recently graduated from the University of St. Andrews


    “Working with We Speak has allowed me to learn so much about speaking.


    Knowing that so many people are in the same boat as me has made me feel more confident when it comes to speaking, as\ I know most people will be rooting for me rather than judging me."


    We Speak Facilitator - Nermeen



    Nermeen works with We Speak as an online producer, as well as being an experienced Facilitator.


    "I noticed that the students really built their confidence during the programme, they were more eager to speak.


    I love helping people find their voice and help them meet their potential. I believe your voice really makes you who you are."

  • We Speak Facilitator - Fazira



    Fazira studies Computer Science at Goldsmiths, University of London.


    "Joining the We Speak program has really helped with my confidence and self esteem.


    I really look forward to helping young people find the courage and confidence to speak in front of an audience."

    We Speak Producer - Sundus



    Sundus is studying Computer Science at Goldsmiths, University of London


    “I believe everyone has the ability to do anything, even if it is nerve-racking."


    Having benefited from being a part of the We Speak programme, I look forward to helping others develop their confidence from within.

    We Speak Facilitator - Lalita



    Lalita is studying Law at University of Westminster. 
    "I feel much more confident speaking in front of an audience after the programme. Practicing in a group with other people in a similar position really helped me to feel at ease.
    Taking part in the programme really helped me overcome my fear and I would like to help other students do the same."
    We Speak Producer - Indra



    Indra studies Computer Science at the University of East London.

    "Having completed the We Speak programme, I have gained several skills that have helped me in speaking.


    I can't wait to get started, and be a part of We Speak moving forward."

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