• The We Speak team

    We Speak Founder and CEO - Laura North

    Laura North

    Founder and CEO

    Laura has a long-standing fear of speaking in front of groups and feels passionately about removing this barrier for others.


    She has been developing speaking confidence with young people and professionals for almost ten years. She was awarded a Fellowship at the University of the Arts London to research how to improve speaking confidence and won a Teaching Award.


    Laura developed We Speak with the support of the School for Social Entrepreneurs, the Teach First Innovation Series and Cambridge Social Ventures. We Speak was a winner of Investec Beyond Business (2019), UnLtd Award (2021) and NatWest Star of the Future Award (2022).


    "I've been terrified of speaking in front of groups for most of my life. I've come on a big personal journey with We Speak. I'm on a mission to remove this barrier, particularly for young people."

    We Speak Training Lead - Patsy Isles

    Patsy Isles

    Training Lead

    Patsy is a media skills trainer and has worked with major corporate companies such such as Metrobank and Thames Water.


    She's also got years of experience delivering speaking confidence workshops in education and to university students across the UK, including Central Saint Martins, London College of Communication, Queen Mary's University, Middlesex University and Plymouth University.


    Patsy works with We Speak to train the Student Facilitators, and delivers workshops for our university and corporate partners.


    She also leads the programme of one-to-one coaching for professionals.

    We Speak Programme Manager - Sydney


    Programme Manager

    Sydney is a fashion designer. She completed her degree in Fashion Design at the University of East London, after studying business in Chicago.


    She was one of the first facilitators on the We Speak programme and started to help out behind the scenes doing project management.


    An UnLtd Award made it possible for us to bring on a Programme Manager, and Sydney had all the right qualities and skills.


    Since then she's led on running programmes, managing facilitators and organising operations to help We Speak run smoothly and grow.


    "I enjoy being part of an experience that helps young people to find their authentic voice.


    I understand now that the only reason I ever felt confident being in front of crowds was because I had already found my own voice.”

  • Facilitators and producers

    We Speak Lead Facilitator - Vashtita


    Lead Facilitator

    Vashtita works for We Speak delivering workshops and programmes to young people, and supporting corporate Mentor training.

    "I have developed a confidence for speaking in front of an audience and it’s something that I also thoroughly enjoy.

    It is an honour to be able to encourage, edify and inspire greatness in people and especially those who lack confidence, just through words."

    We Speak Lead Facilitator - Aisha


    Lead Facilitator

    Aisha is a recent graduate of Liverpool University, and is studying Law at the University of Law.


    “I recently completed the We Speak programme and it was the best programme I had ever joined in terms of it actually helping with building confidence!


    I'm really pleased to have now joined the team as a Facilitator."


    We Speak Lead Facilitator - Shereese


    Lead Facilitator

    Shereese studies Anthropology at Oxford Brookes University.

    “One of the most beautiful things about being a facilitator is developing a young person's confidence and passions. 
    I have been on the We Speak programme and have experienced how it helps people regain their confidence. 
    I look forward to helping empower young people to do great things.” 
  • We Speak Lead Facilitator - Fazira


    Lead Facilitator

    Fazira studies Computer Science at Goldsmiths, University of London.


    "Joining the We Speak program has really helped with my confidence and self esteem.


    I really look forward to helping young people find the courage and confidence to speak in front of an audience."

    We Speak Lead Producer - Sundus


    Lead Producer

    Sundus is studying Computer Science at Goldsmiths, University of London


    “I believe everyone has the ability to do anything, even if it is nerve-racking."


    Having benefited from being a part of the We Speak programme, I look forward to helping others develop their confidence from within.

    We Speak Lead Facilitator - Leah


    Lead Facilitator

    Leah graduated from the Royal Holloway University of London with an MA in Creative Writing.


    “There is this sensation of thrill that comes over me before public speaking; it's the kind of thrill that anxiety can't beat. 


    I’m looking forward to working with We Speak, and helping to spread confidence to young people that are passionate about speaking.”

    We Speak Lead Facilitator - Ilaria


    Lead Facilitator

    Ilaria recently graduated from the University of Westminster, studying English Literature.


    “Low self-esteem and shyness have always accompanied me in my life experiences. WeSpeak taught me that when it comes to speaking in public we’re all in the same boat. 


    My passion is to represent and help students reach their potential and being a We Speak facilitator allows me to encourage and inspire young people to make the most of their abilities.”

    We Speak Lead Facilitator - Salem


    Lead Facilitator

    Salem is currently studying English with Creative Writing at Queen Mary University of London.


    “Before I speak in

    front of an audience, I usually feel a mix of anticipation and excitement which is replaced by relief and delight once I begin. 


    I'm excited to work with We Speak because it is a brilliant way of helping other young people who have been in the same position as me to develop their skills and I will be able to contribute in creating the same supportive environment that I experienced on the programme.”

    We Speak Lead Facilitator - Desire


    Lead Facilitator

    Desire recently graduated from MA User Experience Design at the University of the Arts London.


    “Thanks to the We Speak programme, I have greatly increased my confidence and enthusiasm when speaking in front of large groups. The mentors were excellent at providing guidance. 


    I'm looking forward to working in a team that encourages and motivates other young people to reach their full potential and be the best they can be.”

    We Speak Lead Facilitator - Giulia


    Lead Facilitator

    Giulia is a recent graduate of Experimental Linguistics at UCL.


    “My favourite thing about the We Speak programme is seeing students develop these skills and become more comfortable speaking in front of people

    I enjoy public speaking and think it's a great way to show my passion/interest in a given subject or topic.  

    I want to help others feel more confident in their abilities and teach them ways to overcome the fear of speaking in front of a big audience. ”

    We Speak Lead Facilitator - Halona


    Lead Facilitator

    Halona recently graduated from East 15 Acting School, with an MFA Acting (International).


    “I was an extremely shy and socially anxious child and found it difficult to speak to people. It wasn't until I went to university that I began to realise how much personal empowerment there was in public speaking.


    Especially as a Black woman, there have been a lot of barriers put up to discourage me from finding my voice and speaking my truth. I hope that as a Lead Facilitator I can help remove these barriers for others from disadvantaged groups.”

    We Speak Lead Facilitator - Ramya


    Lead Facilitator

    Ramya graduated from the University of Birmingham with an MSc Management: Leadership and Change.


    “There were times when I avoided presentations and speaking in front of people due to the fear of being judged or saying the wrong things.  


    I empathise with students who have a voice, but struggle to articulate their ideas in a way where it will create an impact. I want to empower people and reinforce the idea that there is no limit as to what you can achieve!”

    We Speak Lead Facilitator - Alanis


    Lead Facilitator

    “I used to be terrified to speak to an audience, especially in school. Since then I have learnt that I have important things to say; I have found my voice and can keep my cool when having to speak in front of people. 


    I am looking forward to spreading my confidence to others and seeing them smash through the barriers that might have stopped them before.”

    We Speak Lead Facilitator - Joe


    Lead Facilitator

    “When speaking in front of a large group, I often feel nervous at first but then become more confident. 


    I enjoyed working with the other facilitators in the We Speak programme, and I feel inspired to help others find confidence in their voice after finding my own.”

    We Speak Lead Facilitator - Melissa


    Lead Facilitator

    Melissa studies Medicine at UCL.


    “I enjoyed the informal nature of the programme and I’m getting more confident speaking in front of an audience 


    I think public speaking is such an important skill to have in life and I want to create a safe and fun environment for others to develop this skill.”

    We Speak Lead Facilitator - Kelsie-Lea


    Lead Facilitator

    Kelsie-Lea is a recent graduate from University of Salford, studying Theatre and Performance Practice.


    “I feel confident and excited to speak in front of a group or audience. As someone who struggled with confidence when I was younger, I know how vital it is to feel confident in public speaking. 


    I want to work with We Speak to be able to support and encourage people in their journey of developing their confidence, so life can become a whole lot easier for them and they won’t have to struggle alone.”

    We Speak Facilitator - Kandice


    Lead Facilitator

    Kandice currently studies Biblical and Inter Cultural Studies at All Nations Christian College.

    “I have built experience over the years in speaking to groups of various sizes. It's always a challenge but becomes more enjoyable with practice.

    I'm passionate about working with We Speak to help students value and nurture their authentic voice, enabling them to overcome barriers and confidently access opportunities that give them a seat at any table they choose.”

    We Speak Producer - Charday


    Lead Producer

    Charday studies Economics and Finance at the University of Sussex.


    “I am very anxious talking in front of people, especially when I don’t have a script to read off. The programme definitely increased my confidence in speaking in front of an audience. 


    Confidence is an issue that many people struggle with so I’m looking forward to working with We Speak and helping people that are in the same position I have been in.”

    We Speak Facilitator - Noshin



    Noshin is a recent graduate from Goldsmiths, University of London. They studied Computer Science.


    “I used to feel anxious and nervous speaking in front of a group. After the We Speak programme, I started to feel more confident, and that allowed me to freely speak on topics I was passionate about. 


    I now feel better prepared and excited about speaking in front of people.”

    We Speak Facilitator - Natalie



    Natalie is a student at London College of Fashion. She is currently studying Fashion Design and Development.


    “I used to be very shy and start to panic whenever I spoke in front of people, but after the We Speak course I’ve felt so much more confident talking in front of others. 


    Everyone on the programme was so lovely and positive and it really helped boost my confidence.”

    We Speak Facilitator - Norah



    Norah currently studies Bioveterinary Sciences at the Royal Veterinary College.


    “I enjoyed the friendliness of all the mentors and facilitators. 


    I’m looking forward to working with We Speak as it will be nice to see the progress of people over the programme, similar to how I saw the facilitators be fully invested and supportive when I completed the programme.”

    We Speak Facilitator - Angelique



    Angelique graduated from Goldsmiths with an MA in Black British Writing.


    My confidence in speaking has improved a lot since being on the We Speak programme. 


    It will be great to work with We Speak and support other students in the way I was supported. The testament to the programme's result is my even being able to consider contributing as a facilitator. I would never have considered this before.”

    We Speak Facilitator - Carla



    Carla is studying for an MA in Conflict Transformation and Social Justice at Queen’s University Belfast.


    “Thanks to the We Speak programme, I am learning to speak with confidence and conviction!


    I am so excited to work with We Speak as I have experienced first hand the incredible work that they do and how the programme has the ability to transform people's speaking ability and confidence.”

    We Speak Facilitator - Jahnavi



    Jahnavi currently studies Veterinary Medicine at the Royal Veterinary College.


    “The WeSpeak course has taught me some useful techniques that have made the idea of public speaking much less scary!


    I feel less anxious about speaking in front of an audience than I used to - it really helps remembering that your audience is rooting for you!”

    We Speak Facilitator - Eve



    Eve studies Childhood and Youth Studies at the University of Sussex.


    “I always have butterflies before speaking in front of an audience but now I also have a sense of pride and am excited to pass on knowledge and skills I can share! 


    I'm excited to be working within the We Speak team to provide that empowering environment that I experienced to help people find their voices.”

    We Speak Facilitator - Baveena



    Baveena is studying Medicine at King’s College London.


    “My confidence in speaking in front of people has definitely grown through the We Speak programme. 


    There are so many people out there with amazing thoughts and ideas who just haven't got the confidence to convey them. They could have the exact solutions we've been searching for, or the next innovations that we've been waiting for, but we will never know unless we help them find their voice.”

    We Speak Facilitator - Elif



    Elif recently graduated from Goldsmiths, University of London with an MA in Digital Media.


    “As a person living abroad, I know what kind of difficulties you may face if the language spoken in the country you are visiting is not your mother tongue.  


    I’m looking forward to working with We Speak and students lacking confidence, to help their university life be much more productive and enjoyable.”

    We Speak Facilitator - Habiiba



    Habiiba studies Media and Communications at Goldsmiths, University of London.


    “I struggled with speaking confidently for a very long time so I would love to provide the help I was given to students who are in the same boat as I was. 


    I really enjoyed how encouraging the programme environment was. After the first session I felt as if I had the space to improve as well as make mistakes.”

    We Speak Facilitator - Afra



    Afra is a recent graduate from Bayes Business School, studying Investment and Financial Risk Management.


    “As a young person who lacked speaking with confidence myself, I really would like to help others overcome this problem.


    I believe that every individual has something unique to offer and should be given a level playing field to showcase their thoughts and ideas.”

    We Speak Facilitator - Slavi



    Slavi is currently studying an MA User Experience Design at the University of the Arts London.


    “Overall, I feel pretty confident speaking in front of a large group or audience. I love meeting and collaborating with new people.


    I’m excited to meet the new cohort of students and support them in their journey towards building their confidence in (public) speaking and hopefully see a meaningful tangible impact on their careers!”

    We Speak Facilitator - Neisha



    Neisha studies Creative and Professional Writing at University of East London.


    “I am very confident about speaking in front of a group of people. 


    I want to work with We Speak because I once lacked confidence in speaking, so I would love to help others who have felt the same way I have.”

    We Speak Facilitator - Taiwo



    Taiwo is currently studying Advertising and Marketing at University of Hull.


    “I used to feel nervous speaking in front of large groups, but after partaking in the We Speak programme, I gained a lot of confidence. 


    I want other people to be confident, find their voice and show up like a Boss.”

    We Speak Facilitator - Marie



    Marie is currently studying Modern Languages (French) and Classical Studies at Royal Holloway University of London.


    “After completing the We Speak programme, I feel pretty confident about speaking in front of a bigger group. 


    I really valued getting tailored feedback from the mentors and I want to help others find the courage to speak up.”

    We Speak Facilitator - Anastasia



    Anastasia currently studies Film and Screen Studies at Goldsmiths, University of London.


    “I am a quiet introvert. I really wish that I had found something like We Speak when I was in my late teens or early twenties.  


    I enjoyed meeting people on the programme with different levels of confidence and learning from them. It really helped me to receive constructive feedback from the mentors. I'm excited to be a part of the programme that gives this vital support to someone like the younger me.”

    We Speak Facilitator - Darko



    Darko studies Business Management at St. Mary's University.


    “I am very confident speaking in front of people as I have always enjoyed giving presentations and learning the art of grabbing the attention of the audience.


    I want to work with people who lack speaking confidence and help them become their true selves by finding their voice.”

    We Speak Facilitator - Isha



    “I’m completely confident speaking in front of people. I have participated in the We Speak programme and particularly enjoyed the warm and friendly environment that the programme provided.

    I want to work with We Speak because I have confidence speaking publicly, and I am able to pull from my own experiences to provide effective feedback.”

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