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    Employers say that communication skills are one of their top requirements.


    But over 50% of students don't feel confident sharing ideas in class. To make things worse, young people from lower income backgrounds are twice as likely to have communication difficulties.

    We Speak breaks down this barrier. We help young people with lower speaking confidence find their authentic voice and use it to speak comfortably from participating in class to speaking in a job interview.


    Mentors from top companies share their skills and help young people speak comfortably in a work environment.


    Would you like your students to feel genuinely comfortable and express themselves in any situation?

  • Feedback from students

    "My confidence has improved. It feels as if my speaking is really good and I didn’t know that"

    Student, East London Science School

    "I speak more clearly and with much more structure... We Speak opened a gateway for my speaking skills"

    Student, Central Foundation Boys' School

    "I feel like We Speak has already broken the barrier which I mentally built between me and the audience"

    Student, Mossbourne Community Academy

    Feedback from staff

    "Without doubt - all students have shown improvements of varying degrees... They have all moved further than I expected"

    Staff, Mossbourne Community Academy

    "The programme has genuinely helped students to feel more confident about speaking and listening"

    Staff, Central Foundation Boys' School

    "It was lovely to see students who are normally quiet in school participating and having great discussions with their peers"

    Staff, Central Foundation Boys' School

  • Some of the organisations we've worked with

    Just Eat
    YMU Group
    Royal College of General Practitioners
    Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust
    University of East London
    Goldsmiths University of London
    Queen Mary University of London
    University of Sussex
    City and Islington College
    King's Maths School
    Oasis Academy South Bank
    Ada National College for Digital Skills
    Central Foundation Boys' School
    London Academy of Excellence Stratford
    Mossbourne Community Academy
    Eastbury Community School
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