• Boost speaking confidence for students with top employers

    Companies include Investec, Just Eat,
    General Electric, Google and Wavemaker

  • We Speak transforms the speaking confidence of young people from under-represented backgrounds by an average 44%.


    We train corporate mentors to take part in a 4-week online programme where they build the speaking confidence of the students and connect them with work opportunities.

    Companies we work with include Investec, Just Eat, Google, General Electric and Wavemaker.


    Students can apply now: https://forms.gle/ybxbgfSoT9hczmqg7

  • Feedback from previous participants

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    "The mentors gave incredibly helpful advice and were warm and approachable. I’ve loved my time on this programme."

    Student, Queen Mary University
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    "The We Speak programme was the best programme I had ever joined in terms of it actually helping with building confidence."

    Student, University of Liverpool
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    "At the start, speaking made me feel anxious. Now I feel like I have something worthwhile to say. Like I should be heard."

    Student, University of East London

    "It was magical to see those who labelled themselves as 'shy' suddenly sparkle... The change in the students over such a short time was fantastic to see.."

    Mentor, Investec

    "It was simply and wonderfully structured with a super-friendly  vibe. There were no aspects that I didn't enjoy and I always felt  supported."

    Mentor, Wavemaker

    "I enjoyed seeing the students improve so much in just the space of a few weeks! Thank you for the opportunity to get involved in this brilliant programme."

    Mentor, Just Eat
  • Students get a mentor from a top employer

    Just Eat
    YMU Group
  • Benefits for students


    Build essential communication skills


    Personalised advice from top employer


    Get feedback on job interviews


    Receive Certificate of Achievement

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    Support from We Speak Facilitators

    Our workshop Facilitators are university students and graduates who have taken part in the We Speak programme themselves to build confidence. 
    They'll work alongside you during the programme so you can help the participants find out what they're passionate about and give them supportive feedback.
    The Facilitators are a really friendly group of people who are on hand to help support your conversations with our less confident students.
  • The online programme



    You'll meet your Mentors for the first time and take part in interactive exercises to develop speaking confidence.



    The Mentors will lead conversations with you to explore your ideas and
    develop communication skills for the workplace.



    This week is all about interview practice, with your Mentors giving you personalised feedback on your interview skills.



    The programme wraps up with some presentation practice, with supportive feedback from Mentors to help build confidence.

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