• Feedback for your students - Mondays Spring 2023

    Your journey to university
    • What made you want to go to university?
    • What did you want to know about student life when you were at school?

    • What was one challenge that you faced when applying to university?

    • Was there anything that surprised you along your journey to or at university?

    • What's one piece of advice that you'd give someone applying to university?
    • What made you choose the subject you are studying?
    • What makes your course particularly interesting?
    • Is there a particular lecture or class that inspired you most?
    • Is there anyone or anything that inspired you to choose this subject?
    • What is something that caught your attention in your subject?
    University life
    • What's the best thing about university?
    • Was there anything that you’ve done at university which you weren’t expecting?
    • What were you most worried about when you started university?
    • What was an obstacle for you during your first week?
    • What’s your advice if you run out of money?
    • What’s your first memory of your university?
    Meeting people
    • How did you meet your first friend?
    • How was your experience at fresher's week?
    • What did you do to meet people?
    • What clubs and societies did you join?
    • Was there a society that was important to you?
    • What was another extra-curricular activity you did where you met people?