• We Speak works with young people with lower speaking confidence find their authentic voice and use it for life opportunities. We want students to speak comfortably in a range of situations, from participating in class to speaking in a job interview.


    We Speak transforms students' speaking confidence. In a programme at Mossbourne Community Academy, 91% of students felt more confident speaking. Students with low speaking confidence experienced a 30-70% rise in their confidence.


    The programme involves a visit to a university and a workplace, with the students improving their confidence speaking in different contexts. We train university students to co-deliver the workshops, creating a mentoring relationship through the course of the programme.

  • How it works

    A term-long enrichment programme



    We create a warm, supportive environment where pupils build confidence and practice speaking straight away



    Participants explore what they feel passionate about so they can speak authentically and enthusiastically



    We take pupils to a university to meet university students, get feedback, and explore university life



    We celebrate graduation at a workplace, where employers give students advice on speaking and employment

  • Want to find out more?

    We are happy to chat about the term-long programme and how it can transform the speaking confidence for your students